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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 22:33
spinning and a new project

yes yes...been having lots going on in my head..and dadada...

i have no idea why but for the past days not only am i troubled with things that i need to settled and things which i need to settle in the near future, which is like a huge burden on me. but oh heck.
i was deeply troubled by some hongs that has been automaticlaly pop up n spinning in my head for while..which make sme goes...WTH!!!??? WHY POP UP IN MY HEAD!!!??? and been faling sick for over 2 weeks now btw...

ANYWAY!!!! long story cut short...TADA!!!!

check this out!!!!! my friend is one of the cosplay event this is one of the cosplay participant...i know he looks cook (ladies pls behave yourself)...*cougcough* CHECK OUT THE SWORD!!!!! believe it or not...he made that sword by himself!!!! WOOT~!!!!

and me..being typically me....(im attracted to cool weapons u see...XP ) ...i like expressing myself through writings or pictures...and fyi..yes...i damm muka tebal and im gonna say damm proud of my weapons drawings this guy making this huge chun punya sword...I ASO WANA DO IT!!! IF I CAN MAKE MY OWN DRAWINGS COME ALIVE, I WILL DO IT!!! I WANA DO IT!! DAMMIT!!!

n how nice he is to teach me how~!! =D weeeeeeee~!!!! *hopshopshops* lalala....sad thing is..this project aint cheap. >_> darn~!!! and i still havent build my own DIY telescope and Submarine model due to the high cost involved and these projects have been pending for...years.... it makes me feel like a..cheapo somehow. incapable or smtg of that sort like. >_> chih~


Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer

Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 17:20
May 3rd will be the day

u just need to bare with it for a lil while more.
i swear to you it will be over soon. real soon and quitely i hope.
hold onto the pride that you have for my very existen is forsaken.
here I sign and here i take it all away...the pain and suffocation along and away...
bare with me my love bare with me..a lil while more it can wait...


Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer

Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 00:40
once in a blue moon

once in a blue moon....

i recalled...
so many things happened over the the months...
so many things happened so fast...
i dont know how besides trying my best to fight them off and to fed fend ourselves...

i dont know anymore but to just keep on doing in what i believe is the best..

and yes..i love you dearly...n it kills me...i loved you till it kills me... just looking forward to see you in May...


Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer

Saturday, February 27, 2010 @ 14:15
Goodbye Yuki

My baby ham ham Yukiyo or fondly known as Yuki passed away yesterday afternoon. We suspect she had a heat stroke since she was unable to changed back into her normal coat from winter coat. Plus the CNY weather was a fiery affair.

It was all write it out will make me emo once again. I better leave it. Akito felt it too. The most at least, as he still search frantically for her and panicky telling me that Yuki is missing and no where to be seen.

I say my final words to her as i clean her off...stroke her head and cuddle her like how i used to for the final time. She was fine the night before, was still fine the morning i saw her...and out of sudden she didnt make it through the evening. Heart-wrenching as it is, she was almost cured off from her urination tract infection...gained bck her weight etc etc...

Though she was still as active as ever, she takes lots of sleep...i guess she knew she was going afterall..since she has been wanting lots of attention lately. and for the past few weeks, keep on giving you lots of kisses her eand there...and not long ago...she will just come up to you on your bed and give you a peck on your lips. awww...i still remeber how sweet she was...n i was wondering why ar~~~ ehehe...the only thing i can think off is she was being manja since she was being away from me for 1 week during CNY break.

Enough of those, ....Baby Yuki was laid to rest at the Waterfall near our home. It rained cats and dogs that day. Ah Kit was there. And he was holding the umbrella for us and coincidentally both of us were wearing black that day when she was found dead.

Reminding her on how much I love her and how much we (Akito and I) will missed her...and giving her some good advice and saying a lil prayer...we send her off by letting her sail off at the waterfall in her newspaper and plastic bag casket. will be deeply missed.

For those who grew fond of her...and wasnt there. You could drop her a few kind words and share her your love at her Online Memorial. (click!)

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Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer

Monday, February 01, 2010 @ 00:55 killed our love...

his attitude of "boh chap" killed us all
it killed his...
killing mine...
and ultimately killed our love....
it officially killed us...
oh well.yesterday 10smtg...
8 month+...a record...smtg that i cant believe myself...
it killed me eventually...

everyone is rejoicing..well almost everyone...
but its typical..ppl always remember the bad side easily...
they forgot bout the joy n love that he brings to me...
they forgot about the day when i will always look forward and smile 24/7
they forgot bout the day when theres always a glow in my face
they forgot...and forgot...those happy lil things...a day that i will always laugh...even if its a bad day...

oh they had forgotten on all the good things he brings into my life...

my tears...are dried up...there are practically none to shed...
i did not...he did...trying hard to hold up his tears....i can practically hear him goes like a flue person trying to stop his runnynose like that..

sigh~ it breaks my heart to just see that...but i was calm and composed on the outside...n inside. but deep deep shattered into pieces even though i knew it far before hand.''

kanashi....atashiwa koto kanashi yo...
kore wa ai to...anatano zutto kanggaeiru...
aitai...aitai yo...suki...suki dai suki yo...demo..itaii...
korewa kimochi kirai...
anata....:) zutto dai saitten! ;)

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Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer

Sunday, January 31, 2010 @ 16:26
bleed it thru

my hearts bleed every time its like this...
i'm at my verge of my existence...
i'm at the verge of patience...
but what ever it is...
i've say what i have to say...
it's all up to you now to do it or not...



Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer

Sunday, December 20, 2009 @ 22:33
Christmas comes Early with Dearie


today I pull on my dress and dash out the house looking and smelling all flowery nice. Drive shzeli drive to dearie's house.

ehhe...dearie came back yesterday JUST for 1 day...ehehe...

so when i reach his place..of cos we r going out to celebrate xmas early!!! since he's not coming bck for xmas ...(high possibility)

i saw a santa hat..and goes KYA~!!! *snapsnapsnap*

Take 1

Take 2...i actually put the hat on him and secretly snap him. kekeke...he's kinda reluctant. ekkee..but i think he looks cute here. tee-hee

Take 3: he finally gave in...but...

Rei: Dearie i cannot see your eyes! why you tak epic close your eyes!!???

Dearie: no i did not!!! I OPEN MY EYES!!1 its just small!!!! *evilglare*

Rei: oh! i see! muahhahahaha~!! TAKE AGAIN!!! OPEN BIGGER!!! and smile more!!! say cheese!!!!

Dearie: the hell!? no. im not going to say cheese.

Rei: nope. u follow wat i say...HAWAII WAIKIKI!!!

Dearie: WHAT!!!????

Rei: *falling off dearie's lap and quickly grab him and CLICK*

so it is...Take 4

we planed on to eat lunch togetehr and jalan jalan...but then...we dont realy have the time. he's train is leaving bck to singapore at 2pm. and its 12smtg already. so off we go to Kl Sentral and had our lunch at "Swiss Oven". They served stuff like deli france...BUT WAY NICER!!! *tumbs up* service not so good...but the food is good. very generous and seriously good!!! and affordable!!!

Mine: Toast Bacon & Cheese *very pang* Rate: 6/10

Dearie's : I 4got wats the name but heck its cheese and bacon as well but cook in diff style and yes its as huge as Subway's...and it syumy with its ownb originality! =D Rate : 7/10

Ours: Mash & Cheese Mushroom Sausage. =D Rate: 6/10

and w etalk n talk n talk...n i again.never failed to do stupid things.. >_> laughed out it..oh heck. and what xmas would be without pressie eh?

so i whoop up my pressie for dearie...and say.. "you are not suppose to open them before santa comes!!!" and he just goes...=D weee~!!!! like a lil kid.

well aparently many ppl hav ebeen giving him advanced xmas pressie. Aunty Christine got him a camera, a wallet from Florah and a brand new laptop from Uncle James. =D no wonder~~~

so what i gave him? THIS!

with a hand written "mushy-mushy" Xmas Card of cos. ^^

and now..its not your cheapo cost me quite a handful of coins you know~!!!! even after a huge bargain i got for this. ehehe..i hopes he likes it since its not the usual ragged essence that he used. ehe

nyway...after makan a susal he will wan ago to the loo ...but i never expect him to bring this back for me.. =)

My Xmas Pressie!! ^^ *huggz*

Time flies with a quick peak into the paper bag...i send him off to the waiting we hugged and hold on while waiting for the train...we had quick talks and hahas here and there...he peck me on my forehead and a "love you" from me...we say goodbye as he walks into the train terminal and me off back home. :)

and oh doenst ends here. back home, i unpack my pressie...and to my surprise..i goes KYA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all my fav stuff!!! eheheh

i love teddy!!! i love ferero rocheas!!!! i always wanted a candy cane!!! an di like the gummy gummy sweet!!! and i've been wanting a mug like that long~~~time ago. ehehhe~!! and i got'em all in a day!!! =D

I'm soooo happy that i text dearie bout it...ehehe

and's my new pink teddy. for once...i got myself a gal teddy. lol~!!!

I call her " Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Pie" ^^

Dearie...Suki. Dai Suki. :) *chu* arigato yo.

I'll see you soon...real soon. :)

Merry Christmas~


Mitsuketa! ♥ silvermancer